More on notebooks

Twelve hits on the blog today. And here I was thinking it was me, Little Fire and my husband when he remembered in an effort to understand me. But nay, there are more of you – it’s probably the reference to my optimistic notebook strategy to free myself from manic chaos just to fill it with a new structured chaos [is that even possible??] that has you all interested. Or maybe its just me and Little Fire re-reading such fine literature!

The real issue though is if its ok to ask “Santa” for organisational reference books for Christmas … “Nooo, don’t worry about that gorgeous sunshine yellow frock – just let me at those funky organising books! PLEASE!” Whoa .. hold on there, did someone say sunshine yellow dress??? Hmmmm colour me happy AND then let me read about organising mania. AND please can someone tell santa that a new notebook is probably one of the best ideas he has ever had.

And part from that, I’ve got nothing … sometimes I have lots and no time to write, today I have time and nothing going on in my head … except that tomorrow is another day, my marketing campaign continues to be tweaked by the minute, i wonder if my russian fudge set? and I wish I could find Little Fire’s blog … sorry babe do I have to log in?? Call me and talk me through it .. aPPLe x

One response to “More on notebooks

  1. You are so sweet sometimes I want to squeeze you…much like your children! My blog is a and I think you can click in the bit that say ‘Little Fire’ above this comment and it will take you there, hopefully.

    Also I don’t want to toot my own horn buuuuuut I got 34 (WOW!) clicks today and you are linked on the post they clicked on and so you got traffic, hurray…it also helped that I put the same post on my facebook page in an effort to get people to sign up to my ’12 Days of Christmas Project’…you’ll understand when you find my blog 🙂

    love and literature,

    p.s. get the dress…I am so jealous you can wear yellow!

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