[un]Happy Kingdom of Fluffville …

What a crapo day. Brain not functioning, the emotional balance mechanisms and the rational circuits are mis-firing today and it is not a happy kingdom here in Fluffville. You see, there is a hole of uncretainty .. and I am in it up to my eyeballs – not quite able to peek out. Here’s the thing … there’s this thing going on that is causing me all types of internal grief and is making my flip out … and I can’t tell anyone about it. It’s one of those things that is going to go one of two ways .. be nothing at all, just silly little ravings of a strange random fluffer OR it’s BIG … big big big. My insides are leaning to big, but I have to wait and ride out the turmoil. Easier said than done, just ask my husband who bares the brunt [great word] of my frustration as I am probably the least paitent person in say THE ENTIRE WORLD.

On a lighter note, I did some knitting today … lace knitting, not as difficult as people may think, just not something you can do whilst watching Nemo with one eye, responding to Nemo questions and counting … but I did get one row complete. Having some TV downtime now so hopefully will crack a couple more rows in between tea and chocolate and a good nights sleep. aPPLe

2 responses to “[un]Happy Kingdom of Fluffville …

  1. At the risk of sounding trite, it will all work out the way it is meant to in the end. Breath and reboot! And if not, Monday will be OK…the start of a brand spanking new week, all fresh and clean. Yummy!

    Congrats on the lace knitting btw. I can’t wait to see it grow…photos needed me thinks. Nothing so exciting here unfortunately…my fire needs a little stoking, so to speak. But hopefully my wee project will pick me up 🙂

    • I DO love Mondays … It’s just like a fresh new page of your notebook. And “trite” – another great under-utilised word of the english language … you have just given me an idea x
      PS: It’s only Sunday and I am already feeling better …

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