365 Days of Salad

Part of the aPPLe “personal strategy for twenty ten” is most definately to eat for health, love and life. You see, I have a history of knowing about healthy eating, of knowing about how to cook beautiful food and of knowing that it will make me feel good in so many ways if I could just get it together. You just need to take a look at my library to see where my passions lie [cooking, knitting, colour, wine, interiors, & kids classics]. In my life, knowing and doing are two very disparate terms, one does not easily follow the other. But this coming year I am hoping that I can take the thinking about it, slice it, dice it, fry it, bake it and serve it up as a daily deleve into gourmet goodness. So I have come up with this idea … healthy guidelines suggest 5 serves of vegetables and 2 of fruit each day – upon reflection over the past week I’m lucky to reach those targets in a bloody week! So my idea is to indulge in a cool, funky, sometimes complicated, sometimes simple salad each and everyday for the next year. No handful of leaves with a splash of dressing here my friends, we are talking salads constructed with love. And I was thinking that I would post each day my inspiration for the daily salad – starting tomorrow. Why wait for 2010 when I have a perfect “clean page” start tomorrow – it’s Monday after all. aPPLe

2 responses to “365 Days of Salad

  1. I want salad for lunch too! Well that is one decision made for the day…:)

    Can’t wait to try your recipes and suggestions. I too shall take your pledge of a salad a day. Does fruit salad count, O Guru?

    • Upon pondering, I believe fruit salad can count as a fall back when you just can’t face green leafy goodness. But only once a week – it’s all about the vegetables mmy friend.

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