Smells like a new year …

As I try to relax on my bed, sending my musings into the cyber, window open to catch the breeze … it has started to rain [only the millionth time today] and I pause to enjoy two of my favourite things … that sudden coolness that happens as rain falls, and that somewhat indescribable smell that rain brings with it. That smell has always spritzed my spirit to forge through another moment of time and a surge of energy is unleashed upon the back of the cool breeze that now wafts my way.

This is of course being mildly disrupted by adorable child 1 & 2 – who by the sounds permeating the otherwise quiet night – are collecting as many toys as possible into their trolleys for a race around the dining circuit. And now has been completely disrupted by darling husband decided this was an opportune time to discuss serious adult issues. Um .. he was wrong and now all creative potential is now dead along with my moment of quiet spirit.

I guess that’s why it rained .. to send me that little spritz to calm me before reality came knocking at my door. Better luck tomorrow i guess. aPPLe


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