I am NOT lost in space … anymore

Evening all, sorry for not writing, things got a bit over my head these past few weeks, and hiding seemed very appropriate at the time. I thought of you – my little bunch of readers – lots actually, but I just couldn’t face it. It did dawn on me whilst watching Julie & Julia that possibly me facing what I couldn’t was probably just what the doctor ordered, however, even then I couldn’t raise my sorry butt off the sofa to the ‘puter and write. Much has been going on in my head, and I have been knitting a little too. My KAL cardi is progressing – not finished as I had hoped, but progressing none the less. Litte Fire helped me with button choices before she flitted away to warmer climes for winter. I am looking forward to posting some pictures of all my latest projects and will do so forth with. In the mean time I just wanted to say hello. It feels good to be back, and even though the the book has not yet closed on this crappy chapter of my life, I have been telling myself that the world keeps turning and I can either turn with it or not – I choose with it in the knowledge that it [the earth] dosen’t really care … profound and quite nonsensical … but whatever works right?!? APPle

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