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Salad Nirvana … day 1 [364 to go]

Day one - BBQ Coleslaw 101

Positive news .. I actually did it, tonight I had my first salad! I wasn’t going to, I didn’t give myself much time to organise a puruse of gourmet literacy to find the perfect innugural salad, nor did I factor in a brief but important stop en route home to the markets .. so tonight’s great vegetable caper was a little bit limp, possibly bland, definately not the finest hour in the kitchen … but a salad non the less – with the minimum three vegetables. Welcome, the traditional aussie bbq coleslaw [red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot dressed with mayonaise and a dash of honey]. Reference: aPPLe.FLUff [not my finest hour]. BUT very easily topped!! And the gauntlet is thrown! 

PS: I am very exicted about Little Fire’s pledge to join me in sustenance through salad. LF … if in a moment of enjoying food porn you find a good looking salad – please feel free to pay it forward – there are only so many salads gracing my library.

I have chosen tomorrow’s delectable dish [two actually, so I can have the minimum three vegetables] … Jaime Oliver’s evolution cucumber salad & evolution carrot salad ahh yes, I will be accepting herbs as a vegetable ingredient for this one] – should be perfect with the chicken tikka marsala Mmm Mmm Mmmm ref: Jaime’s Ministry of Food.

PPS: I’m not going to preview my salad future always, I just wanted you to see that I have at least done my homework for tomorrows feast …

365 Days of Salad

Part of the aPPLe “personal strategy for twenty ten” is most definately to eat for health, love and life. You see, I have a history of knowing about healthy eating, of knowing about how to cook beautiful food and of knowing that it will make me feel good in so many ways if I could just get it together. You just need to take a look at my library to see where my passions lie [cooking, knitting, colour, wine, interiors, & kids classics]. In my life, knowing and doing are two very disparate terms, one does not easily follow the other. But this coming year I am hoping that I can take the thinking about it, slice it, dice it, fry it, bake it and serve it up as a daily deleve into gourmet goodness. So I have come up with this idea … healthy guidelines suggest 5 serves of vegetables and 2 of fruit each day – upon reflection over the past week I’m lucky to reach those targets in a bloody week! So my idea is to indulge in a cool, funky, sometimes complicated, sometimes simple salad each and everyday for the next year. No handful of leaves with a splash of dressing here my friends, we are talking salads constructed with love. And I was thinking that I would post each day my inspiration for the daily salad – starting tomorrow. Why wait for 2010 when I have a perfect “clean page” start tomorrow – it’s Monday after all. aPPLe