Clean pages of optimism

The snow is very therapaudic isn’t it? What a fine bloody mess today was. I can’t wait for the year to be OVER. It’s been great and I have done some great things, but I just get sooooo tired by the end and need that “punch” of fireworks and big clocks around the world to tick over to the next year and wipe the slate clean. Like when you get that new notebook … hmmmmm … pristine, white pages, no dints in the cover, no dog-earred corners. You plan how it’s going to be used – “I’m going to date every page, index each page to align with my goals and projects, only use black ink, cross reference my [new] notebook to my diary and also my iPhone so all parts of my brain are in sync” … oh yes, the mere optimism that a new notebook potrays is a deadly drug for me. And then … about day two of using new notebook, can’t find new black ink pen, kids have got to book before me and it’s now sporting the latest artistic work of modern art genius, child number one, whilst multi-tasking coffee kids and thinking/breathing – coffee is now all over book and the little voices in my head are already telling me that I NEED to invest [yes, invest] in a new notebook. Kikki K has me as a frequent flyer!

But I digress, the longing for the new year to begin, the plans of organisation day by day, multi-facted organisation of family, work, friends, me, craft, amazingness and spontaneous bursts of “OMG I AM a Genius” is becoming such a great force that I am going crazy waiting with wanton need for it to be 2010. So to assist my brain to keep calm and carry on, I have started my “personal strategy for twenty ten” two hours a day I am allowed to detail out how I will go from chaos to complete internal world domination in five easy steps – no, I have given myself the year. Each season a new theme, each month a new target, each week a new goal, each day a new habit, each hour a cup of coffee to fortify me, each minute praise to God for giving me such a manic obsessive view on life … Am off to write in my new notebook. aPPLe

Crafty Apple

The completed crafty frog pic

Ribbet the Frog

Woohoo … today I was crafty! Yes. I was! I was there, and there was craft, therefore I was crafty. Would you believe it was my idea?? Would you believe I thought it WAS a good idea … I did think about it, but limited time and talent was recognised and the craft action was undertaken by my trusty and truly cool side kick. [Isn’t that always the way with superheros? Sidekick has all brains, superhero gets all glory? Or are they both just goons??] POW! Takes me back to my Brownie and Girl Guide days … top job LF – the boys were impressed and have taken them off to bed. And don’t worry, so far no split seams! xx

Frog pattern taken from the Purl Bee … we love the Purl Bee xxx

And can I just say that tonight Santa did a fine job at giving out presents at the boys Kindy party … apart form making Son #1 cry … it was a monumentus effort given the real Santa forgot to turn up [that’s what happens when you drink too many shots of whiskey in one night every year!] and Miss M had to stand in … just too give the kids a Santa – made me all teary … but that could be because I am all tired and emotional me thinks! xx

Ummm … no exucses

Holy crap – time just flies this time of year! I feel guilty … I was wanting to become this amazing blogger, that all the world followed, and instead I have stay silent for freaking two weeks! Some may think that I must have been living under a rock for me to have been silent for that long … but alas it is much more benign – I’ve been working! Christmas marketing campaign – I swear to God it’s all consuming – I planned it, I obssessed over it late into the night, I began the execution and then waited expectantly to gather the stats on it’s success …. I hover over the website backend to see who’s online, how many clicks, any comments? I desparately refine and tweak the campaign on the fly to take advantage of the patterns emerging, I live it, breath it – I AM it. So, hopefully that means it’s been a success … campaign runs until Christmas eve, so I guess by then I would have gone raving mad in the micro management of mini online events. And then to top it all off, my children demand that I am an elephant to ride, chef of many cuisines at the drop of a hat, and a magician to conjour up the whim of the child. Oh, how I now regret being smug about not wasting my pre-children weekend mornings snoozing in bed – thank goodness for loving husbands who know the grumpy mummy bear needs more sleep. And while I am on a roll – let me just say this “road rules my friends! they are there for a reason. No, red lights are not optional, nor speed limits a mere guide – so next time you feel like cutting me off just so you can slam on your brakes because I, god forbid, was holding you up going the speed limit, just remember that Karma and God have very long arms. Must … check website … can’t hold myself back … ahhhhhhhhhhh the abyss

Got plans me

Not much going on in my head this fine day. Plenty happening around me – decisions made, thoughts discussed and blah blah .. just work stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work – just not much but static going on on the inside. I did have a couple of “weehee!!” moments – new camera thank you very much! and a much loved injection of yellow into my visual diet. It’s like turning toward the light and having the gentle warmth of springtime sunshine touch your face. That’s what the right hue of yellow does for me. You’d think that new camera and yellow loveliness would present you with some creative genius – hmmm, me too, but they’re all duds – sorry. Got plans tho’ – plans to wow you with photo images of anything and everything … aPPle

Gratitude …

Ever since I have been mooching around the internet checking out this & that, the topic of gratitude pops up a lot & is discussed in all its glory – I love the simple idea of taking a photo of something that we are grateful for every day, or kicking off a list “Today I am thankful for …”. but in reality, in my life for whatever a reason, it’s a crock. A big massive heap of “yep – great idea but who has freakin’ time to do that!” Soooo … when this morning, even before coffee I was confronted with an issue @ work that at its core is all about gratitude I started to fume …. for crying out loud, I don’t have time for this I am a VERY busy person … don’t they [read person with issue] understand that “my life is chaotic”, “there’s too much to do & no time for anybody else’s shit let alone my own”, “I have children don’t you know” & my favourite excuse that I mentally repeat to aide and abet my procrastination is “what I want is much more important than what you want” [what is IT that I want? … no freakin’ idea, but it’s not what you want right now … far from it …] – bullocks aPPle, just a load of bullocks!

Now I have had some coffee & I have brooded over the Issue some more & have consulted my favourite mentor – ‘mr navel’ & come up with this little diddy of life [my life] changing information … today is the first day of the rest of my life, i have two choices today … 1. be stubborn, childlike & pout, probably leading to another glorious day of disaster OR 2. suck it up, & realise that gratitude, pure unadulterated gratitude, the conscious kind – where maybe you do start one of those manic lists, or take a million photos a day to carefully choose one that best represents the you you want to share with the public domain .. probably something that you’re not even that grateful for – it’s just the best picture in a crap lot ;0) .. no aPPle focus – the conscious kind of gratitude is the key to solving, resolving and making good the Issue at hand.

Not very crafty in the design sense, but maybe a little bit crafty like a fox to make my life just that little bit better today & always. Happy days! Oh and I do love a list ….

Don’t blame me – I’m new at this …

Fluff [fluhf] noun 1.  a soft, light, downy mass: a fluff of summer clouds. 2. something of no consequence: This blog is pure fluff, but fun to read. []

My friends tell me that they would definately follow my blog – so here goes … it really is just fluff – just some random “downy mass of observations of no consequence” loosely themed around crafty things. It’s all those things that late it night I think about but have no one to tell. Like my decision to wear more yellow. Not lemon or butter, although they are both lovely, but “little miss sunshine” yellow. I decided this yeaterday, as i turned the corner into the third room of the Easton Pearson exhibition and was drawn in like a moth to a flame to the most impressive yellow, glorious, beautiful, sun drenched yellow silk chiffon dress. Needless to say I have put it on my Christmas wish list and blagged about it all the way home in a vain attempt to impress upon my driving partner my absolute NEED for this dress – stupid really as it or any other from the production line are not for sale. But as the newest life obsession – it being yellow and me deciding that I love yellow – I want it. aPPle