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A list of sorts …

I’ve posted about my love of lists before and I have to say that I truely heart a list – anything that makes me think that I have a handle on the chaos that permeates my life gives me MUCH pleasure. Kikki-K fuels my fire for list-making with list making devices for all types of things. My personal favourite: the yearly planner, followed by the monthly planner, followed by the weekly planner, followed by the daily planner. You have no idea – I actually pondered the logic of having the yearly, monthly and weekly planners hung up on my wall to break down my every move. The thing is that all this list making doesn’t leave much room for doing … my blog is a victim in all of this, my work is a definitely a victim and the winners are notebook makers & mr procrastination [a long time acquaintance, always lurking, skulking around the fringes of my mind, looking for any chance to “pop” over to the left hand brain lobe for a cup o tea and a “chat” about [normally] how to make that list just that little bit better … and here in lies my current problem: my work list of managing the PR/sales and marketing of a small business has gone from a simple idea of having a website, blog and maybe a twitter account to a freaking flourishing full time marketing/online media management job that has more cool ideas than I can schedule and action, and the continual “noooooooooooo” moment when in your search for “stuff” you find someone already doing what you thought would be a great idea … so you think of another idea, add it to the list and then search some more … IT HAS TO STOP!

My list is finished. I have decided. Time to let the cyber ether see the wonderful notes, scribbles, jottings, copycat ideas, and believe it or not actual good old quality information come to life. And the first of these is my idea of photographing colour [abstract or not]. This has been an idea of mine since starting AppleFluff. Now I am not ready to post the first colour wonder thingie … but gimmie a day. Just one day – not a few – just one! And the colour .. weeeeelll … I’m not sure, but it’ll be fun.

The rest of the list, I’m not sure I want to let you into my chaos, but it might be cathartic [alt. word: pyschotherapeutic] to some. I might just rewrite it first on a new clean page – all neat and stuff … heheh aPPLe