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Twenty Ten … Welcome, we have been expecting you …

Happy New Year!!!!

Twenty ten … far out [insert alternative expletive here]. So how did your new year start?? Mine? Quiet. Just the way I like it … the experience of fireworks from the comfort of my sofa, bottle of champagne and vintage champagne glasses, AH [adorable husband or abomniable depending on the day] at my side watching on. And then? well two unfortunate things … the first Baby Monkey shuffled from his bed half asleep looking for mamma. Thaaaanks. AND even more heart breaking a total ground hog day moment – the movie “you can’t stop the music” kicked off to start the new year. Are you f’riggin’ mental? This is waht happened last year! Does this mean that 2010 will be a god damn repeat of 2009? If it is anything remotely similar about this year to the last I think I will find a lovely white padded cell and settle down for a few years of “rest”.

Let’s for the purpose of the argument say that 2010 is NOTHING [did you here that universe? – nothing] like 2009. So what is it going to be like?? Weeeellll, if we fast forward to this time next year here is my top 5 things that I think would have happened:

1. third cheeky monkey [sucker for punishment i know]
2. totally addicted to computer – not games tho’, but my cache of social networking tools under my control
3. lots of travelling [work demands it …]
4. PLENTY of domesticky goddessiness stuff … like today’s attempt @ vanilla cupcakes & choc chip cookies
5. I aPPleFluff pledge to be 15kg lighter than I am today for at least 6 months. That’s pretty much 600g per week.

I’m not sure how compatible 4 & 5 are – but we’ll give it a crack and modify domestic goddess behaviour toward things such as knitting, crocheting etc. which probably means I should add just one last little point of difference:

6. FINISH … yes finish, all my current projects [there’s a few: Jo Sharp Garter Stitch Jacket; Icarus Scarf; Log Cabin Blanket; Whirly Gig Blanket; Babbette Blanket Summer & Winter; Crochet Stars Bunting; Valentine’s Garland; BSA Armwarmers; Kim Hargreaves Crochet Mohair Beaded Scarf [can’t remember name of it]; Susan B Anderson itty bitty toys Hippo; oh I probably shouldn’t forget the Lingerie Lace Scarf that I have promised to finish for Little Fire;  or the Knitting under the Sun Madeira Lace Scarf too … Can you tell I get bored easily??

Upon reflection … I’d say that 1 & 2 are 99% a reality [and no I am not already pregnant] and the others are wishlist items. But I have plans … I do, I do … It’s exciting really as this is the first new year in a while where I feel like a change is in the wind for me. It’s feelin’ good my friends, in a crafty [that’s crafty like a fox] way, I believe this is the beginning of something wonderful. I’m off to start my Journal. aPPle

365 Days of Salad

Part of the aPPLe “personal strategy for twenty ten” is most definately to eat for health, love and life. You see, I have a history of knowing about healthy eating, of knowing about how to cook beautiful food and of knowing that it will make me feel good in so many ways if I could just get it together. You just need to take a look at my library to see where my passions lie [cooking, knitting, colour, wine, interiors, & kids classics]. In my life, knowing and doing are two very disparate terms, one does not easily follow the other. But this coming year I am hoping that I can take the thinking about it, slice it, dice it, fry it, bake it and serve it up as a daily deleve into gourmet goodness. So I have come up with this idea … healthy guidelines suggest 5 serves of vegetables and 2 of fruit each day – upon reflection over the past week I’m lucky to reach those targets in a bloody week! So my idea is to indulge in a cool, funky, sometimes complicated, sometimes simple salad each and everyday for the next year. No handful of leaves with a splash of dressing here my friends, we are talking salads constructed with love. And I was thinking that I would post each day my inspiration for the daily salad – starting tomorrow. Why wait for 2010 when I have a perfect “clean page” start tomorrow – it’s Monday after all. aPPLe